A human and global outlook:

BPS  expects its student to be a strong,principled,sensitive human being and a committed citizen with a profound sense of commitment to social justice ,secularism,environment,tolerance and world peace. When these determined and young ambassadors from BPS go out into the world, we know, they will make their mark in whatever field they chose.

A child centered approached to learning:

We make a concerted effort to provide a warm and loving environment where children are encouraged and praised often. All learning experiences are introduced carefully at an age –appropriate level. To ensure the overall development of the children, there is a particular emphasis on Experiential Learning

The Exposure:

Active participation of the students is seen in exploring the unknown in physical sciences i.e. Physics,Chemistry,Biology,Mathematics which gives them ample scope for sharpening all five sense.
Library is equipped with books  that attract students to inculcate reading habit. 
Digital classrooms and Computer Lab is fully equipped with Computers.

The creativity is given exposure by means of creative arts where the students dabble in colors & make wonderful sketch & paintings. 

A commitment to conservation:

BPS is an Eco-friendly educational institution acting as a catalyst for promoting environmental consciousness and practices among the students and the community through campaigns. 


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